NEWTON WELLESLEY HOSPITAL integrates EPIC , the Partners Health Care system-wide Medical Record System

Partners Health Care has implemented a new medical record platform, EPIC, across its 10 Partners Hospitals and affiliated Clinics. This software enables one over-arching medical record and patient information system, which contains all of the patients’ outpatient, inpatient and emergency notes and all laboratory and imaging results. The new system, which serves approximately 6000 doctors and millions of patients, is designed to promote fully-integrated care for each patient, with many safety and quality advantages.

This  Epic deployment, a huge undertaking in response to  the principals of the Affordable Care Act, allows access to secure medical information by a patient’s specific health care providers more efficiently and thoroughly than in the past.  The ultimate goal for a system-wide medical record is to improve patient care coordination; for Imaging, that includes assuring the appropriateness of every radiology examination and eliminating duplication of exams,  which can occur when different hospitals do not share a patient’s  diagnostic testing history and images.  The Newton Wellesley Radiology Associates use EPIC routinely as a part of our workflow,  with our access to previous studies and information from other institutions  enabling the most optimal care for patient’s having imaging examinations in our department.