Our Team of Physicians

The Newton Wellesley Radiology Associates is a dedicated group of Specialty Physicians who received their training at some of the best institutions in the country. As a group, we represent a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our practice consists of Radiologists with expertise in all specialties areas of diagnostic and interventional radiology. Our Mission is to serve the patients and physicians of Newton Wellesley Hospital with exceptional Imaging Services.

  • Jeffrey J. Greenberg, MD
    Jeffrey J. Greenberg, MD

    Associate Chairman of Radiology

  • Teresa Cahill, MD
    Teresa Cahill, MD
  • Edgar Casado, MD
    Edgar Casado, MD
  • K Chang sm canvas
    Kevin Chang, MD
  • William Denison, MD
    William Denison, MD
  • Betsy Drucker, MD
    Betsy Drucker, MD
  • Mary Ann Drinkwater, MD
    Mary Ann Drinkwater, MD
  • Joseph Ferrucci, MD
    Joseph Ferrucci, MD
  • NWRA Logo
    Iris Foley, MD
  • Edna Hamilton, MD
    Edna Hamilton, MD
  • NWRA Logo
    Reza Hakimelahi, MD
  • Steven L. Miller, MD
    Steven L. Miller, MD
  • Sanjay Mudigonda, MD
    Sanjay Mudigonda, MD
  • Ali Niakosari, MD
    Ali Niakosari, MD
  • Marla Polger, MD
    Marla Polger, MD
  • Joan Rastegar, MD
    Joan Rastegar, MD
  • Jakub Reczek, MD
    Yakub Reczek, MD
  • Jamie Rubens, MD
    Jamie Rubens, MD
  • Hamid Salamipour, MD
    Hamid Salamipour, MD
  • Leah Schafer, MD
    Leah Schafer, MD
  • Donna-Lee Selland, MD
    Donna-Lee Selland, MD
  • Daniel Silverstone, MD
    Daniel Silverstone, MD
  • Michael Weiss, MD
    Michael Weiss, MD